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Established by Guatemalan Fashion Designer Sofía Contreras-Paredes in 2014.

MEÜS is born from life awarness, social matters and the perception of reality; defined as a creative entity, it embarks in conceptualization, design and production.

Clean, detailed and structured goods

Sometimes this beauty arises from chaos, from the deepest sources where the human mind no longer exists, and only the spirit speaks. There, where the purest creativity comes from, MEÜS is born.

Every creative project undertaken by  MEÜS emerge from the void,
from the unexplored, from the place where new eyes open, new light enters,
and art unveils.

- Gianfranco Di Vassi -


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Guatemala
Guatemala 2017

Fashion Scout LFW
In collaboration with GLOBELLE by Nelly Rose
London Fashion Week 2017

Simbiótica Exhibition
Taipei 2017

International Fashion Showcase
London Fashion Week 2017

Ibero-American Design Biennial
Madrid, España 2016

International Fashion Showcase
London Fashion Week 2016

Simbiótica Exhibition
Guatemala 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Guatemala
Guatemala 2015


Vogue Italia
SOCIETAS collection review
Italy 2017, November

Noctis Magazine
In collaboration with GLOBELLE by Nelly Rose
London 2017, September

Forbes México
Relevant Latin-american Designers
México 2016, November

Look Magazine
Most avant-garde designers in Central America
Guatemala 2016, July

Selected as Cover Story for Look Magazine
as Influential Modern Art Creative. 
Guatemala 2016, June

International Fashion Showcase Utopia 2016 Catalogue
London 2016, February