As a creative entity, we believe that innovation comes from the merging of talents. Therefore we have created 3 different platforms to promote and help to improve the design industry in Guatemala.

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In charge of presenting innovative fashion collections containing limited pieces, sold by personal orders through private studio visits. 

MEÜS targets a female audience that values fashion as art and handmade products as treasures. A woman that follows the trend of who she is and what she stands for and not the ephemeral statements of an industry.



Educational and experimental area that provides designers and artists a space intended for learning about textile manipulation and experimenting first hand with fibers and other materials.  

MEÜS.META creates the opportunity for designers to participate in textile design collaborations and workshops.

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Platform  built with the purpose of linking companies, designers and artisans while creating a support network to make Guatemala a self-sufficient space for product development. 

MEÜS.BETA provides product development assistance for industrial and fashion products.